Best Snacks For Hypoglycemia

If you suffer from hypoglycemia then it is extremely important that you take a proactive approach to controlling your condition. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar can strike at any time. It will leave you feeling weak and could result in you passing out and causing accidents.

Any snacks which you choose to eat should have as low levels in glycemic carbohydrates as possible. A granola bar might sound like a healthy option, but these are often high in sugars which could make your condition worse.


Nuts are an ideal snack for anyone with hypoglycemia, this is because they are low in glycemic carbohydrates, and they also include fiber, protein and many other useful substances. You can eat a handful of nuts while watching TV or chilling out at the end of a hard day. These won’t cause your blood sugar levels to peak, which should mean that your sugar levels will stay steady. This should make you feel much better.

When choosing nuts, take care that you only choose ones which haven’t been sugar coated or coated in honey as this could change their effectiveness as a hypoglycemia snack.Hypoglycemia snacks


Your body takes its time to digest and break down vegetables. For this reason, they will not cause your blood sugar levels to change wildly. A great snack includes carrot sticks, or cucumber sticks. These are very easy to produce and are an easy snack to take out with you. Simply pack these in a plastic box and they can be taken anywhere you go.


Fruit is also great for people with hypoglycemia. Strawberries and apples in particular are very helpful because they have a low glycemic index. Simply cut them up and serve them with natural yogurt rather than coating them in sugar.


If you want to eat biscuits, then you should always make sure that they are diabetic biscuits. These biscuits are designed specifically for people suffering from medical conditions which affect blood sugar levels. By eating these biscuits, you should be able to give your blood sugar levels a slow and steady boost.

Banana and Peanut Butter

A banana served with peanut butter makes a surprisingly tasty snack. Try having half a banana to reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming. The peanut butter is slow release and should prevent you from crashing.

Peanut butter and Honey

A peanut butter and honey sandwich can help you out when you are just at the early stages of feeling dizzy as a result of hypoglycemia. This will give you an immediate boost to increase your sugar levels and help you to get on with your daily life.

Cheese Sticks

Bread sticks coated with melted cheese make for a delicious snack. These are quite filling, and they should also improve your blood sugar levels.

It’s impossible to cure hypoglycemia, but it is fairly easy to manage it. As long as you know what you can and can’t eat, and when you need to do something, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Just take time to get to know your body and learn how to look after your condition.

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